Yarsa Bajikar - The strongest friend of beautiful night

Nepal is a country having geographical diversity where thousands of precious herbs and health promoting natural substances can be found. Such herbs have been used since long time in the Ayurved. Among the herbs, Yarsagumba (Cardiceph Sinesis) is a valuable herb that can be found in Himalayan belt of Northern Nepal and China. Specially, Yarsagumba is known as the herb that ensures the overall health and particularly sexual wellbeing.

Yarsa Bajikar is an ayurvedic preparation in the form of bati or round tablets, which contains yarsagumba, ashwagandha, silajit, keshar, panch aaunle etc. This preparation not only increases sexual power but also helps for overall health.


Why Yarsa Bajikar?

  Sexual weekness is not the matter of shame. Anyone can be victimized with it. So, don't compromise to use Yarsa Bajikar if you want sexually aesthetic life.  
It decreases the possibility of degeneration because it increases the number and quality of sperm, bringing satisfaction in marital life. Yarsa Bajikar not only guarantees happy sexual life but also contributes for the development of hormone, so that it is usable for adults and aged people alike. It roots out the physical weaknesses and brings enthusiasm with energy assuring the feeling of youthfulness.

The main functions of Yarsa Bajikar are: proper development of muscles, increasing the rigidity of bones and joints, reducing the weakness caused by loss of hormones etc.


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